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The Fallout From Premeditated Barbarianism – Part 5

Part Five: War on the streets

As was mentioned in Part Four of this series on Barbarianism, violent Palestinian rioting broke out in Jerusalem and other parts of Israel following the abduction of the Arab teenager, Abu Khdeir. The riots increased in violence upon the discovery of his body and rose to new heights after publication of the results of the autopsy detailing the teen’s manner of death. Hundreds of Israeli Arabs took part in the riots, throwing rocks, molotov cocktails, fireworks, and pipe bombs.

Palestinian President Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) did uncharacteristically condemn the murder of the Israeli teens, but he has now called upon the United Nations to rein in Jewish extremism following Abu Khdeir’ murder. And this coming from a man who renames streets and squares after Palestinian murderers of Israelis, whether the murdered be men, women, or children. Abu Mazen designates six percent of the entire Palestinian economy for salaries being paid to imprisoned murderers of Israelis. Palestinian terrorists receive sentences proportionate to the amount of Israeli blood that he or she has shed. The more Israelis murdered the longer the sentence a terrorist receives—Israel does not utilize a death penalty. The longer the sentence the larger the monthly salary paid to the murderer—roughly four times the amount that which is paid to a PA (Palestinian Authority) public servant. Upon the murderers eventual release, usually due to a prisoner swap, the release terrorists are hugged and kissed personally by Abu Mazen, who then hands them large cash sums—around $25,000—so they can build a new life. Sixty percent of released terrorists return to terrorism; their years in prison has apparently taught them nothing; hatred of Jews fill their hearts and minds 24/7.

There were no disturbances among Arabs with Israeli citizenship over the murders of the three Israeli teens, but when the Arab teen, Abu Khdeir, was brutally murdered, many hundreds of Israeli Arabs vented their rage at Israel. Israeli Arabs have the best conditions anywhere among the populations of the Arab world’s 22 countries; only the few élite groups consisting of oil-wealthy Arab sheiks have it better. Israeli Arabs receive healthcare, child allowance, welfare, etc., but even so they still account for over 60 percent of all crime within Israel. These Israeli citizens obviously have no compunction about biting the hand that feeds them.

There are many fine, hardworking Israeli Arabs, but unfortunately they are greatly outnumbered by their kith and kin who continually take advantage of the system and never give anything back to their country except trouble.

On July 6, in the midst of the days-long rioting, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said: “Israeli Arab rioters cannot on the one hand throw petrol bombs and rocks, destroy property and call for the destruction of the state, and on the other hand enjoy the benefits of child allowance and National Security Insurance payments.” Around 150 Israeli Arabs were arrested by Israeli police during the violent confrontations and these may well have jeopardized all their state benefits.

Despite Palestinian eagerness to live within Israel’s borders, primarily in order to receive state benefits, which no other Arab population in the world enjoys, a multitude of those to whom Israel has granted citizenship and equal rights—approximately 1.2 million at this time of writing—cheer and celebrate whenever missiles and rockets are launched at Israel. It matters not whether the death raining from the skies came from Iraq during the reign of the late Saddam Hussein, or currently from Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza and Hizb’allah in Lebanon, or whether it comes from the Jihadists now fighting against Bashar Assad in Syria or from any one of a hundred other Jew/Israel-hating Islamic groups. Many Israeli Arabs openly admit that they want to see Israelis suffer and die; hundreds will hand out candies, dance in the streets and on their rooftops when disaster strikes Israelis. Readers of this blog would be well advised to see Chapter 2 of this writer’s book Philistine: The Great Deception for an in-depth exposé of the Arab mind and how it works.

To be continued

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