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From the back cover: This book is a departure from Ramon Bennett’s usual mode of writing. It concentrates on remedying various errors in common Christian teachings that occurred because of either tradition or translation error, or both. Bennett shows no fear when challenging some traditional Church beliefs, which, he says, may cause indigestion to those accustomed to drinking milk instead of eating solid food: “For though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you again the basic principles of the truths of God. You need milk, not solid food” (Hebrews 5:12). Bennett gives generous helpings of solid food for those who can take it. An American reader of Bennett’s books recently wrote to him saying, “I’ve read all your books. If you wrote a phone book, I would read it. You’re the best Christian writer there is in the world right now.” So get ready for a feast in the Word and find out why Bennett was called “the best Christian writer there is in the world right now.”


From Back Cover: The Western Church stands at a crossroads, it is dying for lack of zeal and love for Jesus. Materialism and lust for “things” are choking the life out of Western Christianity. Pastors and congregants alike are drowning in Credit Card debt because they covet things they cannot afford. Other religions are spreading at a far greater rate than Christianity. The blame for this lies at the feet of the all-too-comfortable Christians, who profess to believe in Jesus, but deny Him by their silence and passivity. People become what their leaders are. Church leaders must be weaned from their obsession with offerings to keep their personal fiefdoms afloat. Churchgoers must get involved in spreading the gospel in word and deed and go out into the world, because the world is not going to come into the Church. The Church needs to reformat its hard disk and return to 1st-Century basics like faith and belief in a miracle working God. Faith in the name of Jesus still brings miracles, it is the Church that prevents them because it long ago began teaching that the age of miracles was over. Effective faith only results from absolute conviction, but true belief in Jesus, the supernatural, and the miraculous, has taken flight from the Church. Jesus said repeatedly, “According to your faith let it be to you” (Matthew 9:29). The Church must repent for its lack of belief in the power of God Almighty.


From Back Cover: Here is an edifying and informational feast for students of the Bible. Many of the more obscure sayings of Jesus are dealt with in expositions of the subject by the author in what are really mini-Bible studies in the form of Endnotes. Ramon Bennett’s ground-breaking, interwoven continuous gospel narrative leaps to life with Endnotes that contain snippets from the author’s store of spiritual insights. Ramon Bennett needs little introduction; he is widely known internationally as a Bible teacher and theologian. This book gives the reader a small glimpse into the his depth of knowledge of biblical subjects pertaining to the gospels.


From Back Cover: Abraham was repeatedly called the friend of God in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, being mentioned hundreds of times in connection with faith and righteousness. Travel with the author as he follows Abraham’s journeys to and in the land of Canaan. Be there when Abraham makes leaps of faith and the author causes us to understand why Abraham came to be known as God’s friend and the Father of our Faith. The author rightly points out that David, Israel’s great warrior king, served God’s purpose in his own generation (Acts 13:36), but Abraham has served God’s purpose in every generation.


2016 Expanded Edition now includes more nations and extends the information on others. The judgements predicted in the 1993 edition are shown alongside their fulfillments. Understand the chaos taking place around the world—God is still judging nations.

This book is a call to national repentance—a “must read” in light of world events taking place today. 

The Wall - Expanded Edition

Updated and Extended, The Wall exposes the Israel-PLO peace process for what it is, an attempt to break Israel down “piece” by “piece.” It shows the deviousness of the powers in play, whose sole purpose is to make themselves money and obtain prestige. Contains over 1,750 quotations and documented facts. 


“A truly prophetic book in the biblical sense ... Its impact is heavier than any other book [Bennett has] written.” 

Philistine - Expanded Edition


Philistine-2 is the updated edition of the 1995 explosive best seller. Only the names had changed, the facts had not. Philistine lays bare the Arab mind, Islam, the United Nations, the media, rewritten history and the Israeli-PLO peace accord. It is still a best seller in its own right!



A prophetic study of world events and how prophecy concerning Israel affects the nations, the Church and you (3rd Edition). When Day & Night Cease is arguably the most comprehensive, factual and informative book on Israel—past, present and future you may ever read. If you want a true picture of how Israel is falling into Bible  prophecy today, look no further. You will want to read this book. 

When Day and Night Cease Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

ISRAEL GODS people, March 11, 2013

By Alet

This review is from When Day and Night Cease (Paperback)

“History and future of Israel. Most excellent, a must read to understand the logistics of understanding God's plan for Israel. The best, most inspirational book I have ever read, Ramon Bennett is so easy to read and his research is out of this world (literally).

I have read this book many times, loaned it out and never got it back, please could it not go onto kindle, along with all his other books.”


5.0 out of 5 stars

Wow, July 8, 2011

By onery

This review is from When Day and Night Cease (Paperback)

“I specifically looked for this book after I already read somebody else's copy. Explains Jewish nation, it's role in God's plan and human history. Changes prospective on so many things. Makes you know God - and people - better.”

HiStory - 2nd Edition Color

Here is the Color Print 2nd Edition of Ramon Bennett’s magnum opus, the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John blended together into one continuous, complete, breathtaking narrative. It transforms the four individual gospels into an exciting read for those interested in the full, uninterrupted, interpolated story of the nativity, life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ. It is His story, it is history—it is hiStory.

More than twenty years in the making, this color-coded continuous narrative is meant to be read as a book, but read thoughtfully—it is a devotional book. It is virtually guaranteed to change the reader’s understanding of Jesus Christ.

Gospel means “good news,” and Jesus is the ultimate Gospel. He is God’s Good News to mankind.


The minimum list price for the Color Print 2nd Edition is $37.98. 

The Color Print Edition in iBooks format and PDF books is available at $6.99 each via PayPal. In PayPal, deposit $6.99 USD to: <> (or go to “Donations” on this site) and the book will arrive by eMail upon notification of payment by PayPal. All purchases are final—no returns or refunds.

HiStory - Black Print 2nd Edition

Black Print Edition in iBooks format and PDF books is available at $6.99 each via PayPal. In PayPal, deposit $6.99 USD to: <> (or go to “Donations” on this site) and the book will arrive by eMail upon notification of payment by PayPal. All purchases are final—no returns or refunds.



Ramon Bennett’s long-awaited autobiographical testimony. It is the extraordinary story of a man who has been introduced as “someone who has suffered the trials of Job.” All My Tears is the astounding story of an unwanted, abused child whom God adopted and anointed, and is using for His glory.

Often verging on the unbelievable: in his youth the author suffered physical and sexual abuses; in adult life he survived economic meltdowns; ultra high-speed car crashes; boat capsizes; several “incurable diseases;” and a head-first dive into a concrete post in a horse riding accident that broke his neck, which was, unbelievably, only found during a spinal operation 37 years later.

This is the story of a man’s love for God, and God’s obvious love for the man. The two continue to walk and work together five decades after their first encounter. And miracles keep happening.

All My Tears Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

This review is from: All My Tears (Kindle Edition) 

There are only a very few people that have had as many troubles in life as Ramon Bennett. I recommend that even if you are not experiencing the constant and deep troubles that Ramon is that you read his book. Are you a Christian and preaching the Gospel, read his book. Are you an unbeliever and having trouble or health problems, read this book. His troubles are not just for a few years but for his whole life and he never gave up. You would think that after he became a Christian the troubles would slow down, not so; but now they come because he is obeying God and he can rejoice in them because his personal relationship is being developed with Jesus. I don't think there is any other book like this one, on the market – Tom


Here is an accurate account of the events that led up to, and took place during, Israel’s 50-day-war against Hamas and its rocket and mortar fire into Israeli population centers from the Gaza Strip in July and August 2014. It is an actual, factual account of what took place, when it took place, and why it took place. It shows another perspective—a proper perspective—differing to what was presented on television screens around the world; it gives a different narrative to that told by the Hamas-intimidated journalists who covered the the third round of this ongoing conflict. 

Gaza! Reviews


5.0 out of 5 stars

This review is from: Gaza! (Kindle Edition) 


 “Love this author as an expert on Israel and the current Middle East situation. Ramon Bennett’s books are so filled with information... .” – Barbara R. (USA)



Israel is isolated at the UN and by the nations. NGOs organize violent anti-Israel demonstrations and ruthless boycotts of Israeli products, academia, sports, and the arts. Western cities and universities are involved in the evil “Israel Apartheid Week.” Nations are suffering horrendous catastrophes and financial collapse—there is a link between those distresses and the treatment Israel receives. Israel is God’s “special treasure,” those touching Israel touch the “apple of His eye”—a terrifying confrontation between God and the nations brews. Israel is the biblical clock and the hands approach the hour when God will unleash His unquenchable fury. The worst wars in the Bible are yet to come, WMDs are used with horrifying results among the nations. Israel will not escape, she will be judged for her rebellious, adulterous behavior. Israel is as eternal as day and night, but not so the nations; only those who hold to the LORD will survive.

The Wilderness Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

Amazing, March 21, 2013

By Alet

This review is from The Wilderness (Kindle Edition)

“so topical in view of what is going on with Obama and Netanyahu right now. wish they would read this book and take it to heart. If Netanyahu gives away bits of Israel to a non existent nation, he and Israel will live to regret it.

Ramon Bennett lays this out so clearly in his book he has a prophetic vision for Israel, and in all the years I have read his books, he has never been wrong.”



Zipporah Bennett’s testimony and autobiography. Read how Zipporah, a God-hungry Orthodox Jewish girl, found the Reality she longed for. This book, often amusing, will help the reader better understand the way Jewish people think and feel about the “Christian” Jesus. 

to the Jew first

however, the good news is for everyone

From the back cover: There are only two peoples in the world: Jews and non- Jews. Of these two peoples God Almighty chose the Israelites, the descendants of His friend Abraham to be a special nation.The Jewish people have a very long history among the peoples of the world, equal to that of China and India; however, that being said, the comparisons end.Apart from pogroms and the Holocaust—the worst genocide in history—it has been continued sin against her Creator that has brought disasters and horrendous loss of life upon the Israelites. Israel has been steeped in sin since its inception and has paid a terrible human price and repeated dispossessions of her land.The population of China in 2018 was 1.393 billion and the population of India in 2018 was 1.353 billion, whereas the worldwide Jewish population in 2018 was 14.7 million. Allowing for pogroms, the HolocaustIt, and tens of millions of lost progeny, it remains impossible to explain the huge difference between the Jewish population and those of China and India, Only God Almighty’s decreeing of punitive punishments for sin can explain the Israelites shortfall of a billion-plus in population. It is past time Jews stopped blaming Gentiles for the tragedies that have befallen them and begin to sincerely repent of their sin and hypocritical self-perceived whiteness of character.

Mountains and Mulberry Trees 

From the back cover: The Church is, and has always been, God Almighty's Church which he purchased with the blood of His own Son, who is the head of the Church. The Bible clearly informs that Christians are not their own, that they belong to God because He bought them. God owns them, and what God owns He cares and provides for.The present day Church bears little resemblance to that which it is meant to be. Tens of thousands of the earliest Christians literally followed in the footsteps of Jesus and loved not their lives even when faced with death. In stark contrast, Christians today are usually fearful of rejection if they witness to Christ so they do not witness.The faith of the early Christians sets the early Church apart from today's comfortable, convenient, complacent Church that is almost devoid of true faith. The faith of today's Christians seems firmly fixed to credit cards and credit card debt, which multiplies treasure on earth without gaining treasure in heaven.The faith that changes people and nations, which can move mountains and Mulberry trees, can only come through a thorough conviction that God is all that He says He is and that Jesus ministered on earth as God incarnate, who worked signs and wondrous miracles daily. The words spoken by Jesus were God's words.This little book is a wakeup call to a faithless Church that has lost its way.