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Peace: the road that leads to war — Part 2

Yitzhak Rabin’s Labor−left-wing−Arab coalition government of the 1990s called Israel’s capitulation to its enemies “the peace process.” The governments of the nations and the news media continue to refer to it as, “the Middle East peace process.” But those that are reading the signs call it, “the piece process,” because it is, in fact, a formulated plan of attack drawn up by the repeatedly defeated Arab nations who are now making significant advances in the battle for the destruction of Israel—piece by piece.

The foundations of the Israel-PLO “peace” are the shifting sands of Israeli godlessness upon which the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) and other unappeasable Muslim enemies are building a substantial house of deception as the prelude to war. One of Mohammed’s oft-quoted Hadith sayings is: “War is deception. And in his book Protracted Warfare, the Communist maestro, Mao Tse-tung, wrote: “There never can be too much deception in war.” Also, one of the PLO’s favorite slogans that John Laffin quotes in his book Fedayeen is the Mao doctrine that, “Justice and peace come from the cannon’s mouth.

The engineers, designers and supervisors of the “peace house” are some of the world’s most prominent statesmen—professional politicians seeking prestige for themselves and higher popularity ratings in the polls, along with preeminence for their nation. However, that which they are helping to construct—the house of illusion and deceit with a peace facade—will collapse with the first wind of realism; with the first flood of truth that will come with the rumbling of tanks and the launching of missiles.

Six times Israel has found itself embroiled in bloody wars of wanton aggression by its Arab neighbors. The Israeli presence in southern Lebanon that ended in the year 2000 was solely to prevent its northern towns from having to suffer continual violence from indiscriminate rocket and terror attacks from the Hizb’allah terrorist forces. Since that pullout from Lebanon, which was to placate and accommodate the “pro-peace” international community, Hizb’allah forces have moved right up to Lebanon’s border with Israel and constructed underground fortifications and munition storage facilities. All this was done under the watchful eyes of the UN peacekeepers, which proves the truth of “there are none so blind as those who do not wish to see.” As mentioned, the pullout from the security zone in Lebanon brought Hizb’allah right up to Israel’s doorstep, and subsequent cross-border raids into Israel has sparked two ready, protracted wars that brought ruin to much of Lebanon.

Each subsequent war with the Arab states and terrorist entities grow in intensity, and each war sees Israel emerge victorious and, ultimately, stronger through its capture of higher and more defensible ground and the learning of new fighting techniques. Consider the following political philosophy that was published in Pravda on September 2, 1964, which referred specifically to the Soviet Union’s occupation of Eastern Europe during and after WW II when it had defeated Nazi invading forces:

A people which has been attacked, has defended itself and wins wars, is bound by sacred duty to establish for itself in perpetuity a political situation which will ensure the liquidation of the sources of aggression. It is entitled to maintain this state of affairs as long as the danger of aggression does not cease.

A nation which has attained security at the cost of numerous victims, will never agree to the restoration of the previous borders. No territories are to be returned as long as the danger of aggression still prevails.

The above philosophy was not formulated by Israel to justify its occupation of lands won in 1948-49, 1967, and 1973, but by the Supreme Soviet and published in 1964 in Pravda—almost three years before Israel’s Six-Day War. Israeli “peace doves,” however, are even willing to sacrifice their nation’s security on the strength of promises of peace—promises from Arab states and entities who have no intention of honoring them, and from Western nations intending to honor them, but who have histories of not doing so.

It is true that Israel genuinely seeks peace—an end to 66 years of war and terror attacks—but the Arab nations see the desire for peace only as a weakness to exploit. Some forty years ago, Tunisian president Habib Bourguiba said: “The only way to destroy Israel is through ‘peace’” and that statement was quoted again as a reminder to Israel by the Jerusalem Post on September 30, 1994, in an article titled “Egypt’s strange game.” What the Arabs have not been able to accomplish against Israel on the battlefield, the Arab nations are seeking to do around the “peace” table through deception, and with the willing help of self-seeking, power-hungry leaders of nations.

To be continued

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