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Peace: the road that leads to war — Part 1

The majority of Western politicians, along with the entire Arab and Muslim worlds, lay the blame for the lack of peace in our world on the doorstep of Israel, supposedly because Israel has not been able to establish a peace agreement with those who today call themselves “Palestinians.”

This writer has shown in previous posts that “Palestinian” is simply a term that came into vogue only during the 1960s, and that this faux label was conjured up at that time merely to give identity to the British-assisted, twentieth-century Arab migration into what was—prior to the burgeoning return of the Jews to their ancient homeland—an empty wasteland known then as Palestine. Until the 1960s the collective identity of the Arabs, who came from every part of the Arab world to benefit from what the Jews brought to the area, had been faceless. However, since the 1960s a bogus millennia-long “Palestinian” history that runs beneath the desert sands has been woven into the fabric of uninformed, naive Western intellects.

Arab violence against Jews was instigated by the British and condoned throughout the latter part of Britain’s time of being the mandated authority to establish the United Nations endorsed National Home for the Jewish people on their ancient land. Islam was the defining factor in the violence as Muslims believe that any area once held by Muslims remains Muslim land forever, even if Muslims have not ruled that area for centuries, thus Muslims lay claim to large areas of Spain and other countries as being Muslim lands today. All of modern Israel falls into the category just mentioned and it is important for readers to understand that the Israeli-Arab conflict is not about territory per se, but about infidels occupying land that was once held by Muslims and which must be returned to Muslim rule.

As the Jews prepared for statehood threats and acts of Arab violence intensified and the Jews were threatened with annihilation if they dared to declare a Jewish state on what was claimed to be Muslim land, a claim based on a brief two-decade Muslim rule back in the seventh century. Israel declared itself a state on May 14, 1948, and on May 15 seven Arab armies invaded the nascent state with the stated objective of annihilating it, but their bid failed and Israel’s borders were greatly enlarged due to territory Israeli soldiers captured from the British trained, British equipped, and British led armies. Other wars were to follow, launched by the Arabs, but which Israel won, and Israel’s borders—which are not true borders, merely ceasefire lines—kept enlarging.

After the surprise Egyptian and Syrian attack against Israel in October 1973, on Yom Kippur, the most solemn day of the Jewish year, a war in which more that a million Arab troops from 11 countries gathered together to fight against Israel, and still lost, the Arab world realized that military confrontations with Israel would not dislodge the Jews from what they perceived as being Muslim lands. The Arabs were forced to change course; the new course was set by Tunisian president Habib Bourguiba who astutely said: “The only way to destroy Israel is through ‘peace.’” Thus was born the “peace process” with the so-called Palestinians; a process which, in its first five years, took more Israeli lives than did 15 years of being in a state of war. Assassinated premier, Yitzhak Rabin said that these Israelis were being “sacrificed on the altar of peace.”

Almost the entire world wants Israel to continue with its capitulation to the Arabs along with the resultant loss of lives, which now runs into thousands. The West’s one-sided pushing and condemnation of Israel will not only come back to haunt it, but it will also turn to bite it on its rear end. Peace is merely an illusion. It is not going to happen until the Lord Yeshua (Jesus) returns to rule and reign from Jerusalem. If Western leaders were not so spiritually bankrupt they would understand this for it was written almost 2,000 years ago:

“For when they say, Peace and safety! then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape” (1 Thessalonians 5:3).

Pushing, cajoling, and threatening Israel will not bring peace to the Middle East or to the world. Western leaders blame all the world’s troubles on tiny little Israel, which sits by divine appointment in the heart of the Islamic heartland, which is the true source of the Israeli-Arab conflict. And no amount of bullying is going to usher in a Utopia of perpetual peace; and long before modern Israel was divinely reestablished there were those who understood this fact. In his 1795 essay, “Perpetual Peace,” the German philosopher, Immanuel Kant, argued that perpetual peace would only come to the world through one of two ways, by human insight into the cause of the problems or by conflicts and catastrophes of such a magnitude that left humanity no other choice.

The cause of the problem is the Qu’ran—get rid of that and the problem is solved—that is the human insight. The other option is for world leaders to continue sitting on their hands insofar as the increasing Islamic domination of world events is concerned and wait for it to take control and place it all under Shari’ah law. However, perpetual peace will not come before the great Day of God Almighty as it is described in the book of Revelation. Until the second scenario comes upon this world, it will keep threatening Israel with sanctions, economic, and academic boycotts et al because it has allowed the “peace process” to get bogged down over the matter of Israel’s security, which the West apparently perceives to be an “insignificant” matter that is preventing Utopia from being established. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is not another Yitzhak Rabin; Netanyahu is not about to deliver Israelis up to be “sacrificed on the altar of peace” just to appease the West.

To be continued

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