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The Fallout From Premeditated Barbarianism – Part 4

Part: 4 Jewish Barbarity

Upon the June 30th news of the murder of the three Israeli teenagers a few unruly rightwing demonstrations in Israel calling for revenge took place. Israeli police arrested a number of the protestors who had gotten into violent scuffles with them. Several Israeli FaceBook postings containing incitement against Arabs were put on the internet, one of which showed IDF soldiers in uniform calling for revenge against Arabs. Seven IDF soldiers associated with the page were arrested and placed in detention.

However, just two days after the bodies of the three Israeli teenagers were brought to Jerusalem for burial, a 16-year-old Palestinian boy, Muhammed Abu Khdeir, was abducted outside of his home around 4:00 a.m. as he prepared to go to the mosque for morning prayers. The abduction was recorded on CCTV, which the boy’s father had installed on a building adjacent to his home, and he called the police. It only took an hour for the police to track down the Palestinian teenager due to his telephone pinpointing his location; however, when the police traced him to the Jerusalem forest the boy was found dead, murdered in the most monstrous fashion. In addition to beatings to his head his body was burned. An autopsy showed inflammable material in his lungs which clearly indicated that he had actually been burned alive.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called the boy’s parents to express his heartfelt condolences for the “despicable” and “heinous” crime committed against the boy. Israeli politicians from across the board condemned the atrocious crime in no uncertain terms. The mother of one of the murdered Israeli teenagers telephoned the Khdeir family, empathizing and sending her family’s condolences.

Netanyahu ordered a fast-tracking of the murder investigation and within days several suspects were arrested and interrogated in connection with the Arab teen’s murder. Police said the investigation has led them to believe the murder was most likely carried out by Jewish extremists in revenge for the killing of the three Israeli teenagers earlier in June; some of those arrested were minors. Three suspects have since confessed to the killing and when the police took them to the spot where the scorched body was found they reenacted the crime. Details of the murder suspects is sketchy because a gag-order has been placed on the investigation due to the age of some of the suspects and also the extremely volatile situation in Israeli Arab areas which erupted following the abduction of the Arab teen.

Let it be unequivocally said here that terrorism is terrorism, whether the terrorists are minors or adults, whether they are Muslims or Jews. Those Hamas terrorists who murdered the three Israeli teenagers were called animals; those Jews who murdered the Arab teenager are no less animals than the Hamas animals. What awaits Hamas terrorist murderers must also await Jewish terrorist murderers. Palestinian murderers of Israelis often have their family homes destroyed as a deterrent against other would-be murderers of Israelis. The Israeli Jews that took part in Abu Khdeir’s loathsome murder should also have their family homes destroyed. One cannot have one law for Arabs and another for Jews. Sauce for the gander is also sauce for the goose.

To be continued

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